The past few days I have been working on my python homework. I’ve finished the 2 main scripts but still need to do the bonus question.

1st script creates a scene from scratch.

2nd script adjusts Maya’s file which starts Maya in a way it normally wouldn’t. In this case, it adds another shelf with 2 buttons. One button creates a simple sphere and the other sends you to my website.

Week 6 Python Homework

I finished my homework for class. There were a few things I made with this assignment.

1:  Script to automate some import and workflow settings.

2: A shelf button that snaps the second object to the first one you selected.

3: An automated version saver. If you set up your file in a certain naming convention the script will be able to change the number every time you use it to save.

Pixel Art Practice

I’ve been practicing my pixel art a Udemy course: Pixel Art Master Course – Beginner to Professional/Freelance. Aseprite is my tool of choice.

This section was about shading and lighting. We were given this image with all sections like the far left column. With the color pallet on top, we were directed to shade the objects with different light sources in mind. We were also taught how to dither our light source. I only did the dithering once but I like the look and thought it was a fun style to use.

Light source top left

with dithering

Light source bottom left

Light source top right

Light source bottom right

Light source front

Light source top