Worked on my Mixamo Auto Rigger Converter script.

Main Additions

  • Created a new system to pick the controller size
  • Added joint display size button
  • Added buttons to help select joints to change the orentation.

Animation Stream

Streamed working on my minigun pickup at twitch.tv/bugbilly

Animation Stream

I streamed myself working on my vehicle takedown animation on Twitch.  It was over 5 hours.
I’m planning on setting up a consistent streaming schedule but need to work out the details first.

Here is the WIP of where I left off.

I have been focusing on the attacking character (Dex) mostly and will animate Jack (the guy on the bike getting kicked) once I am happy with Dex’s movement.
The environment will be changed out a cliff, which Jack will be kicked off of.

Website Update

Today I updated my website.
Changes have been made to all pages under ANIMATIONS, TECHNICAL ART, HOME, and ABOUT.
On the main page of ANIMATIONS and TECHNICAL ART, I have made it easier to get a quick view of some of the animations in each category, updated the videos to take more screen space, and added an icon to direct you to the subpages if you want more info.
With these changes, I made my HOME and ABOUT pages more current to reflect this.

Also, I updated my LinkedIn page and made updates on some of my other social media pages.

Augmented Animator Week 2

I shot some reference for my new animation I will be working on. The focus will be to convey the weight of the character picking up a mini turret.

Augmented Animator Start

I started my Augmented Animator class with Rusty Gray. This will be my 3rd time taking this class/mentorship.

Today was our first meetup and we mainly focused on my plan of attack for the next 12 weeks.

Python Final Project

I finished the first version of my Mixamo Rig Converter script.

With this script, you will be able to download anything you want off Mixamo and turn it into an animateable rig.
It will create controls to animate the rig. The existing animation will then be transferred over to these controls.
Display and Animation layers will be automatically generated, for easy organization.
The created animation layer is additive with all controls added to it, so you will be able to start animating right away.

You can check the Joint Orientation of the rig with the first 2 buttons.

Next, you can decide how big the NURBS circles will be for your controls.
Don’t forget to click set. You can create some test sizes beforehand and delete them all at once when you find the right size.

You can set the time range of what parts of the animation you want.
The frequency is how often they will set a keyframe.

When you have set everything, click the bottom button and have fun with your new rig.

Python Last Assignment WIP 02

I haven’t updated my blog in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on things.

Here is an update on the script for class.
I downloaded a rig of mixamo.com. My script generates NURBS curves at all the joints, parent constraints to the corresponding joint, and the NURBS curves mimic the joint hierarchy.
Also, I rename the joints to have the “_JNT” suffix added to the end of it. Then I have the NURBS curves mimic the name of the joints but replace “_JNT” with “_CNTRL”

I’m no done but it’s in a good spot at the moment.
Next, I will change the controls to rotate to be in the optimal angle for the rig, change the control size so they are easier to grab them, and create a UI to interact with the script.
My stretch goal is to take the Mixamo keyframes from the joints and bake them onto the controls I have created.

Python Last Assignment WIP 01

I started working on a script for my last assignment for class.
Currently, I have a set of joints made by hand. The script creates a NURBS circle as the controller and then it parents it to the matching joint.
Next, I want to have the controls rotated the correct way. I also want to place them at the exact spot of the joint (right now I have them in arbitrary positions that are close enough).